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We at Holistic Health Norwest are a group of qualified complementary health professionals who provide preventative health care to our clients and patients.

We feel we are unique in what we offer because we focus on working collaboratively with one another within the Centre. This enables us to offer the best options to our clients and patients in terms of the type and timing of care and is the reason for many successful outcomes.

We believe that in many chronic conditions where the quality of life has or will be affected, a holistic approach must be considered in addition to whatever can be offered by modern western medicine. The holistic approach involves life style choices, education and support, emotional and spiritual nurturing and assistance in addition to the more physically based modalities that we offer.


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We at Holistic Health Norwest, provide a range of Chiropractic,
Naturopathy & Applied Kinesiology.

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We are a group of qualified complementary health professionals