George completed his studies in Naturopathy at Nature Care College. While continuing his studies he worked alongside a biological scientist in the field of research and development. Since graduating, George has opened his own practice and is a certified member of the Australian Tradition-Medicine Society. George continues his studies by attending various courses and seminars in the field of Natural and alternative medicine.   

Some years back George experience a life-threatening and life-changing disease, which lead him to natural and alternative medicine. With faith and hard work, he managed to support himself back to good health using a number of effective modalities. Through his journey George developed a great passion for health and well-being and wishes to assist those seeking to improve their health.

George provides his clients with awareness and understanding of their condition and implements a tailored treatment plan designed to support his clients back to optimal health. George uses techniques such as herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, flower essence, tissue salts, homoeopathy, diet and lifestyle changes. He uses a gentle, yet effective approach which focuses on prevention and supporting all areas of health – mind, body and spirit.    

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